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Shipping & Returns

All shipping and handling fees must be paid prior to processing your order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for fulfillment. All shipments are sent using either USPS First Class, Air Parcel Rates, or domestic Priority Mail methods.

We package our items very well and have shipped hundreds of orders. Periodically item shipments are lost in the mail. If it is more than 4 weeks from the time you received shipping notification, please contact us about replacements.

We charge insurance at a rate of $1.00USD per $100USD of order value.

We are not responsible for loss or damage for orders which are not insured. Insurance is optional and must be selected during the checkout process.

We will not refund or replace any order for which the delivery confirmation status indicates a received status or for which the customer did not provide a complete or accurate shipping address.

The amount covered by insurance is the value of the items in the order and does not include any coverage for sentimental losses or any expense incurred as a result of the loss.

Failure of the insured to cooperate in any required research or inquiry as it relates to the fulfillment of a claim will result in suspension of coverage for that order and denial of claim.

Insured packages will be re-shipped or refunded at our option based on customer input, available stock, and other influencing factors.

Upon re-shipment or refund of the order, The Michigan Geocaching Store shall be released from any and all responsibility for future consideration of insurance claims against the order ID in question.

Returns / Exchanges

If for any reason you are unhappy with your item, we will accept a return for the item within 30 days of shipping. The following limitations apply:
  • The item must be in original condition, we warrant against factory errors, but do not guarantee the items against defect if damage appears to be from misuse such as improper handling, dropping, burning, or otherwise abusing the item.
  • We accept returns only from the original purchaser. If you have acquired the item in question via trade, Ebay purchase, or any other arrangement - we will not honor this return policy.
If requesting a refund, upon receipt of the return item we will process a credit for the item cost (we will not credit shipping for returns) within 10 business days.

If requesting an exchange, upon receipt of the return item we will ship you a replacement at no charge within 10 business days. In the event that the item to be exchanged is out of stock we will provide the option to have the item returned or to have a full credit, inclusive of the original shipping fee for that item, given to your account.

We are not responsible for return or exchange in the event that your return package is lost in the mail or the item(s) are lost in transit. Please make sure to use appropriate packaging when sending the items back. We suggest using delivery confirmation and/or insurance when returning a coin.

Return Authorization Form
Any item being returned must be accompanied by the following form. Please download the PDF form, print the form and fill it out. Ship your return to the address listed on the form.


If returning an item, be sure to email us at store@mi-geocaching.org as we will process your return immediately in expectation of the return shipment. If the return shipment is not received within 3 weeks of the claim notice, we will bill for the retail value of the items shipped and/or the refunded order value.